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Aku tunggu ko macam aku tunggu taxi


Tuesday, November 9, 2010 by Ara Drew

Love is like waiting for a taxi,
you never know when it'll come..
till that time comes,
you're just a figure lost in darkness,
but finally when the taxi headlights shine on you,
that the first time you'll be able
to comfirm your existence.

At first,
your heart beats quickly from seeing your lover's smile,
from your lover words,
from the painful scars of heart,
you finally realize that you're here and alive.

the person that slowly start to desire,
the person that isn't  COOL
we start to see our shortcomings
so we struggle within to face those fact.

Falling in love is
indeed a helpless state,
it is a hurtful,
agonizing illness,
making you writhe in pain.

Alas, that revolution
with a name called 'love'
the thing that will prompt the strength to overcome,
is numbing sensation we get the instant
a beloved comes into contact with oneself

at that moment
relying on the welcoming light
go ahead and fall in love.

p/s: mood terasa seperti dibulan so macam nilah entry yang akan keluar..hahaha LOVE REVOLUTION