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Ya Allah


Friday, June 4, 2010 by Ara Drew

Ya Allah, please forgive me for the wrong that i've done..

Ya Allah, give another chance to prove that i can pass..

Please guide me and protect me me along the straight path..

and I know I can make it..

one day i'll be heaven with you..


don't u dare cry

cuz girl u know we all fall short sometime

dust ur'self off, stand tall, don't let it get u down

open y'ur eyes to Allah, you'll see the beauty of

all the thing that are going y'ur way

hold y'ur head up high, it'll be okey...

what's happening brother?

i've got msg 4 u

there's little something that i need u to do


u've been causing problem since came my way

and i'm not trying 2 hv that, 

ain't the way i play

I don't need no influence like u in my world

I'm just trying 2 live my life- simple and pure

forgive me because avoiding you *